Why Pekutherm?

PEKUTHERM® is specifically designed to deeply clean injection machines & extruders. Pekutherm® softens to the consistency of an old fashioned pencil eraser. Pekutherm soft scours the unwanted(s) down to the polished metal ahead of itself. Pekutherm leaves no carrier resins behind.  

Why Purge?

Purging plastics machinery during a changeover is the market standard in today's competitive molding industry. Making the purge - consistent,
thorough and complete, can be "challenging".

Ready to Save Time & Money?

So many molders do changeovers each day, purging with PEKUTHERM® in order to get a thorough purge. This "down to the polished metal" purge makes change-overs quick and complete. 

Pekutherm® has been helping molders in the Plastics Industry to save time & money for many years.  We have saved them (and continue too) with rapid and complete color changeovers and through material conversions.  The deep-down soft-scrub unique to Pekutherm® removes carbon build up and previous residues. 

Pekutherm® achieves such a deep down purge (without a carrier resin) that maintenance "wizards" use it to aid in machine screw change outs.  Pekutherm expels the residues which allow for a rapid screw pull.

Many Pekutherm® users have compared our competitor’s products to Pekutherm but stay with our tried and true purging compounds. Why not see why these folks remain long time customers.  Perhaps Pekutherm® can save your company time and money.


This Midwest-based molder has been using Pekutherm® for 17 years. They say ... “I’ve been in the business, my family’s business, for 25 years. My father and I have tried everything. But I’ve never come across anything that does the job as well as this.” (Uses Pekutherm® "HLT" & "SK")

        – Indianapolis based Injection Molder


Find out how Pekutherm® can give your machines a "down to the polished metal" purge.