Hot Runner

Depending on your specific needs, the Unitemp team has various Pekutherm products that work for different machine sizes, processing temperatures, colors, and assorted plastics.This chart can help you navigate through our different formulations.
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Pekutherm ProductHot Runner SizeProcessing Temperature
TI2All Sizes284°F to 626°F (140°C – 330°C)

Pekutherm “TI2” is a physical action Purging Compound, that stridently scours away outgoing plastic, built up previous material, burnt on residues, expels color and off specification contaminants including gas residues from inside of a Hot Runner System. Pekutherm “TI2” has no chemical reactant and hybrid lubricant. It does have a carrier resin unlike any other formulation of Pekutherm. This formulation is made exclusively for Hot Runners. Pekutherm “TI2” does contain a mild abrasive and does not function as all the other formulations. [*Warning*] because Pekutherm “TI2” does not melt completely, it’s not advised to be used on small orifice gates or indirect gates.



Actual Hot Runner shown with Pekutherm "TI2"

“We switched from a bright red ABS with all kinds of additives and stabilizers to a bright yellow ABS with the same kind  of chemistry in our 4 drop mold in under 15 minutes…..and never had another scrap part on that particular run”

Actual Case Study:

Type of machine: Cincinnati 850 Ton  (232oz. –  barrel  capacity) 
Total Parts Weight: 8.7 lbs.
Hot Runner:  Incoe direct gate 4 drop manifold system
Pekutherm® Formulation: “TI2” (FOR HOT RUNNERS)
Outgoing material: Bright red ABS with UV stabilizers and other additives
Incoming material: Yellow ABS
Temperature:  440° F
Amount of Pekutherm® TI2: 320 oz. – 1 plug @ 160 oz. & 1 plug @ 160 oz.
Total time to complete purge to acceptable parts: 15 minutes
Savings in man hour and machine time (approx. 3 to 3.5 hrs.) – $1,080 to $1,254 per color change