Purging Applications

As the person who decides and schedules the production schedule at your plant, you instinctively know that you have to plan ahead, but you also have to stick to the plans your team had decided upon.  Absent a good quality purging compound, those plans could “come apart” quickly. Material and Color changeovers or contamination from previous runs that result in an increase in the amount of scrap or the loss of production, or machine downtime is what every planner tries to avoid.

The most important item is profit, and making any transition efficiently by reducing color or material contamination or eliminating those black specs in your parts is paramount.

PEKUTHERM’s purging procedures come down to these three basic categories (and some limited work with Blow molding). Enable the procedures below in order to access helpful directions and step by step tips to learn how to use PEKUTHERM® in the most effective means.


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