Learn about the successes that our customers are achieving with Pekutherm on the shop floor and 
.... what they say about Pekutherm purging compound. 

This Midwest-based injection molder has been using Pekutherm for 17 years. They say ... "I've been in the business, my family's business, for 25 years. My father and I have tried everything. But I've never come across anything that does the job as well as this."  (Uses Pekutherm® "SK" / Pekutherm® "HLT" )
- Indianapolis based Injection Molder

A big problem was the downtime involved in pulling screws: "I don't pull screws anymore," The manager says. "The only time I do is when I need to check a dimension on a screw, or if there's a screw-tip or check-ring wear problem." The manager tells us it was a field rep for a screw supplier that told him about Pekutherm—he was told that a large resins producer uses it in molding machines at its own lab. He admits he was skeptical at first…not anymore.  (Uses Pekutherm® "HLT") 
- North Carolina based Injection Molder

"We run a lot of clear jobs. Everything was a screw pull-we scheduled machines around screw pulls. On average, pulling and cleaning the screw took about five hours. And few things can run behind PVC to clean the barrel. You can try styrene—two days later you can smell the PVC. Yet with Pekutherm, I haven't found anything it won't work with."
(Uses Pekutherm® "SM" / Pekutherm® "N") 

- East Coast based Injection Molder

The owner says it works well consistently. "When you're as busy as we are, it's hard to take out something that works, and try something new. That time can be better spent on more important things."  (Uses Pekutherm "HLT") 
- Midwest based Injection Molder

“Easy to handle, precisely measurable results, clearly visible purging effect.”  (Uses Pekutherm® "N") 
- Tier 1 Automotive Interior Injection Molder, Germany

He performed a trial with 11 machines in rotation: "I would have guaranteed that you would have had to pull screws on eight of those machines, but we didn't have to do any. That saved us over $1,600 in labor costs, and 30 to 40 hours of machine downtime which is a cost savings of $3,500 to $5,000". (Uses Pekutherm® "HLT - FINE") 
- Atlantic Coast based Injection Molder

"I use Pekutherm® EX for purging my extruders after high-performance polymer extrusions and achieve excellent purging results with it."  (Uses Pekutherm® EX)
- A Large Polymer Research Institute  - Dresden. Germany

Production managers have even found that Pekutherm® can be an effective molding machine diagnostic tool. "Any place where the material hangs up, the purging compound will hang up too. One time I got white streaking after purging a clear job. I found out that I had a bad heater band. It's also helped me identify worn check rings. I know the problem isn't with the purging agent." (Uses Pekutherm® "HLT") 
 - Carolina based Injection Molder 


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