Why Pekutherm?

The Innovation of Pekutherm

Pekutherm® Purging Compound(s) was originally developed in the 1970’s by German extrusion engineers and technicians who were on the forefront (at the time) for PolyCarbonate double wall, and then triple walled  (PC) sheeting. This process was also being applied to Acrylic sheeting at that time with the eventual needs for other engineering grade plastics.

The problem was the material changeovers and black specs ... trying out different formulations of Polycarbonates and Acrylic that were best suited for each phase of experimentation, they (the technicians) needed to absolutely remove the previous formulation of materials lest they carry over into the new run, and they could potentially have “blended results”. The Purging Compounds they tried had one problem they always had a carrier resin, and that resin or its by products would end up in the next run. The purging compounds did not really remove all the materials; it just kinda got “most of it”. In the end, they really didn’t know if they were clean or not. They also had an ongoing problem with PC in that it would “always turn into black specs” given time and temperature. The scientists knew they had to remove all the previous plastic ... all of it!  PEKUTHERM after many trials and experiments lived up to their rigorously high expectation, and allowed them them to produce parts in PC and Acrylic.  The need for PEKUTHERM has been there since the beginning, from the earliest formulations to today's products.

The Appeal of Pekutherm Widened  
Naturally other technicians in the Injection Molding Industry heard about this, and asked if they could apply it to their Injection machines … It worked well … very well! The result of the Injection Industry of being involved in further development was an even larger working range and different granulate sizes for small, medium and large injection machines.
The Innovation of Pekutherm Continues 
Today we have improved upon those first formulations and broadened our palette of compounds. First with HLT which is designed to absolutely clean deep down (just like the earlier materials) except it has a very wide working range, 300ºF all the way up to 752º F. Finally we produced TI2 which was needed to clean out hot runners … this by the way … is totally different chemistry and science than the other materials.
5 mins - BLACK to CLEAR purge on a 40 ton machine
5 mins - BLACK to CLEAR purge on a 40 ton machine
PEKUTHERM® is specifically designed to deeply clean injection machines and extruders. PEKUTHERM purging compound are all physical action purges that require neither premixing or any type of soaking time. PEKUTHERM is easy and safe to use, however it does have a process (since it doesn’t melt all the way), and the more experience you have with that process the better the results will be.

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