Pekutherm® Plastic Purging Compound(s) for Injection Molders & Extruders.

An Overview of Features and Benefits.

As a decision maker at your plastic production facility, we realize that you are looking for ways to reduce scrap, contamination and optimize efficiency for mold/ color/ plastic change-over.

Pekutherm® can facilitate a rapid transition between molds, color switches or material changeovers with minimal downtime.  These changes can be done while keeping the integrity of your machinery.


  • No Carrier Resin Molded in the Part or on the Knit Line
  • Generous Cost Savings
  • Observable Productivity Gains
  • Quick Mold Changes
  • Accelerated Changeovers and Machine Time Gainage
  • Intensely Thorough Color and “down to the metal” Carbon Contaminate Removal
  • Machine Screw Pull Reduction
  • Less Scrap, More “Sellable Parts
  • Elimination of Gas Residue “carryovers” between Incompatible Plastics


  • Generous Working Range(s) Depending on Formulation 300°F - 752°F   (149°C – 400° C)
  • Works with all Plastics within the Working Range
  • Soft Scour Thermo-ELASTIC Physical Properties (the consistency of a pencil eraser)
  • Does NOT Wear on Metal Surfaces
  • Pekutherm® does not “blend with” Incoming Plastic or have a Carrier Resin
  • Complete Displacement of Outgoing Plastics
  • No Mixing or “soak” Time is required

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