Purge Practice Comparsion

Temperature Range:
Pekutherm® has a dramatically wide working scope – Pekutherm® purges from 300°F to 750°F (150°C to 400°C) on most machines and most plastics within that temperature working range. Other purging compounds are specific for a smaller temperature range or type of plastic being purged. Other purging compounds need to be mixed or “waited upon” to do their thing.

Machine Down Time:
Pekutherm® provides a very quick purge timetable and machine clean up ... Depending on technique and levels of build-up /contamination. Most purges are finished in 10 – 15 minutes. Other purging compound need a while for the carrier resin in the machine to clear up and for the incoming parts to be “good enough to sell” Other purging compounds carrier resins end up in the incoming parts knit lines and can cause part failure.

Purging Method:
Pekutherm® is a self-adhering, soft scrub physical action purging compound. Other purging compounds have slip agents or blowing agents or even abrasive flours to enable a purge. These additives may end up in the incoming parts.

User Friendly:
Pekutherm® doesn’t need to work on an empty machine, in fact it works more efficiently on machine screws that are NOT evacuated. Other purging compounds need an empty machine and waste time and material trying to get ready to “receive” their products.

Pekutherm® is a deep and intensely thorough purge ... Other purging compound leave a ton of residues and barely effect a deep down purge ... the consensus of many experts is that they only effect the easy flow plastic layers in the machine.

Depending upon technique and machine disposition at the time of the purge, only 10-15% of the screw capacity is needed to provide a purge. Other purging compounds need many, many more pounds to effect even an “adequate” purge.


  • Odor – Pekutherm® HLT is very, low odor with a wide working range.
  • Abrasiveness – Pekutherm has an abrasiveness of a pencil eraser or less.
  • Residue Potential – Pekutherm® cannot blend with the incoming material
  • Effectiveness: Color & Material Changes – Very distinct and obvious color changes. Very dramatic material changes.
  • Effectiveness: Carbon & Color Deposit removal – Pekutherm® cleans down to the “screw root” and lifts out carbon residues ... Very stark and intense color changes.
  • Preparation/Mixing time – Not mixing time needed…ready to go right out of the container
  • Purging/Hold up time – Purge begins immediately no need to wait.
  • Machine Hazards – Pekutherm® does not melt all the way ... use sparingly ... see direction
  • Personal Hazards. – Pekutherm® does come out the machine hot.

To start achieving these purge results with Pekutherm®