Why Purge?

Why purge your machine?       Simple answer: Money = Time / Time = Money

When running thermoplastic processing equipment costly slowdowns or even downtime can be caused by ineffective color changes, material drag through from previous production runs, or carbon specs or carbon build up. These can result in unsalable parts or even … machine stoppage due to tear down (read = Machine Screw Pull).

Purging with an effective purging compound is a time tested, and proven method to significantly save money … money= time / time = money.

Reducing or eliminating machine down time is key.
Using a purging compound can help with these problems:
  • Reduce your scrap
  • Aides in preventative maintenance
  • Helps you with material or color changes
  • Helps prevent material degradation during a machine shutdown, aides in quicker start ups
  • Removes degraded materials that can become black specs or “gas ghosts” in subsequent runs
  • Screw pull aide, making the recommended machine screw procedure go much faster
7 mins: Orange to Blue Purge on a 400 Ton machine w/ 5 oz of  "N"
7 mins: Orange to Blue Purge on a 400 Ton machine w/ 5 oz of "N"

The cost of a purging compound can be more than offset and even lead to profit by saving production time on the machine(s), reduced scrap, faster cycle times.


A PEKUTHERM® customer says, "Easy to handle, precisely measurable results, clearly visible purging effect.”